Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DIY Water Bottle Labels

Water bottle labels could cost ya! Thankfully, I found great value 24pk, 2pk/$5 at walmart! Along with this, i printed my own water bottle labels at home! I'm super ecstatic about the way they turned out! I wanted something with our names on it since favors didn't, and it came out nifty! Is it necessary to have? No.. Will it be memory? To me, the bride, yes definitely! To my guests and others they may just be a "home made water bottle label", nothin special.. but to me.. I put my heart into making em and I probably wont forget the amount of work I put into it. So Proud! 

1.) I used powerpoint to create the labels. The border around our names, I found off google image. You can google image "borders" and find one to your liking. It took me about 3 waste prints before it came out exactly the way I wanted. I was able to fit 5 labels on a 8.5x11 landscape, just regular white paper. 

2.) Cut measurements approximately (LxW) 8.5" x 2 1/16".. again, mine were great value water bottles. (For these measurements, you can measure whatever water bottles you're using). Take a yarn, and wrap around water bottle and then use yarn measurements. *2 thumbs up!*

3.) (Dont forget to take the original water bottle labels off TEHEHE) .. I used sticky tape to stick the edges together (You can also use regular scotch, double sided tape). This was a little tough and took a few practice rounds before I got it down. Stick the tape on the front side, right next to your last image. As you can see in my image, it would be the barcode. Notice how I left some space after the barcode (obviously its so i could apply my sticky tape). 

4.) Wrap label around bottle (making sure edges are alined), and press! Voila!! =D

Check em out =P Feel free to ask away~

Saved the best part for last. FREE STUFF!! Many of you asked for the template, so here it is! Enjoy & have fun! =)


  1. How do I go about changing the text to say my information?

    1. Hi Jessica im so sorry im just now seeing ur comment. You should be able to automatically edit it if u open in powerpoint~


  2. Awesome tutorial Adrianne, thanks so much for putting this together for the Hottie Project. It is so kind of you. Werbegetränke

  3. Thank you sooo much for sharing this was a life saver!